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Year Of Joy Workshop

Little Blueberryy

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Bring back the JOY!!! Have you noticed that in your quest for a happy meaningful life you could use more joy? What’s in the way?  Have you forgotten what brings you joy?  
An increase in joy leads to an increase in your overall sense of happiness and wellbeing. For some of us routine joy is easy, and for some it’s a journey. It would be my honor to celebrate with- and take that journey with- you.
In this ongoing workshop we will get to the (fun) nitty gritty of what joy means for YOU, and how you can find and incorporate it into your every day life. We will figure out how to move some of the joy-blocks out of your way and bring exuberant, juicy, heartfelt fun stuff into the balance of your life.
We will be reflecting and exploring (with lightness), and it may help if you come with a notebook or something that allows you to write down the insights you gain from these exercises.