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Organic Olivia

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ThyroPro is a warming, thyroid-focused adaptogen blend created to support you on a cellular level by nourishing and invigorating the underlying tissue state – formulated with revitalizing and moving herbs that help to address the often overlooked, lingering elements related to optimal thyroid health and cognitive function. Because our thyroid gland helps to regulate everything from metabolism to energy and cognition, thyroid hormones affect every major system in the body and play a role in how we feel each day. This includes the warmth of our hands and feet and even the way we’re able to stay sharp and think on our toes. In herbalism, we look at the overall ‘tissue state’ of the human, rather than just the health of a singular gland to help you feel your best. For someone who’s feeling mentally foggy and colder than most, we’d consider this a ‘cold’ and ‘stagnant’ tissue state, where aromatic, warming and moving herbs are indicated to support feelings of sluggishness. This comprehensive blend contains not only vitamins and minerals, which act as essential building blocks to nourish and support healthy thyroid function and conversion, but adaptogenic herbs as well which help combat barriers to optimal thyroid and metabolic health by warming the body, supporting circulation, and aiding the HPAT axis.*