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Large Unicorn Stone Crystal Points

Little Blueberryy

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A recent find from Madagascar this crystal is made up of a  few different types of crystals.

Lepidolite- perfect healing crystal to help a woman stabilize her emotions, dissolve the pain of deeply felt wounds, soothe the heart, and reduce stress and depression.It will help you dry your tears, and become the superwoman that is hidden inside of you, just waiting for you to awaken her!The calming vibes of Lepidolite will be your weapon to tackle any storm, hurricane, or whirlwind. It will renew your sense of confidence and purpose.Call on Lepidolite to boost your dopamine, release natural “feel-good” chemicals, and feel euphoria. The soothing vibrations of this lavender crystal will awaken sensations of optimism and balance. Adios to mood swings and PMS!

Pink Tourmaline- Stone of love, compassion, emotional healing, empathy, humanitarianism, and self-love

Smokey Quartz- Grounding and steadying, natural filter for dense, scary, or negatively perceived energy.

Clevelandite– Helps us stay present in the moment and move safely through challenging circumstances, or times of profound change. Focuses on the life affirming positive changes that arises out of facing difficult situations.

About our crystals: 

- Quantity 1 crystal

- All crystals are hand selected 

-Crystals  are all reiki charged

- Crystal size, color and clarity may vary as all crystals are natural and have variations