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Organic Olivia

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GlucoBitters is an herbal, “metabolic vinegar” tincture infused with over 500mg of botanicals that help maintain healthy blood sugar levels in the normal, healthy range. Each herb in this blend helps lessen occasional cravings and supports insulin sensitivity, helping you become less resistant to reaching your weight management goals. The combination of organic apple cider vinegar and powerful blood sugar botanicals provides complementary benefits not experienced with either herbs or vinegar alone. Thus, this 2-for-1 tool helps “train” your body to be more stable and adaptable when indulging in occasional heavy meals, sweets and desserts.

Star herbs like Gymnema and Bitter Melon help you to utilize carbohydrates for fuel metabolically, helping support more sustained energy levels as well as healthy balance within hormones such as insulin and testosterone. This formula is for anyone who wants to avoid the ‘glucose rollercoaster’ of sugar and carb cravings, energy or mood dips, feeling “hangry,” and difficulty maintaining a healthy weight. Simply take 1-2 full droppers in a glass of water before meals or treats.*